Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bisini Netball Gym Available to Netballers

Emerging from last Saturdays POMNA AGM is the news that the Gym at Bisini will be made available to netballers five days a week between the hours of 9am and 6pm.  The gym is situated within the existing ablution block and is kitted with some of the best gym equipment available today.

A supervisor has been appointed and will be responsible for access and programs should they be required.  However, it will only be available by appointment.  Details are being worked out at the moment and the netball community will be advised accordingly. A start date too has still not been decided.

For all enquiries please contact either

Mr Mike Petrides,
Mrs Pole Kassman,
Mrs Carolyn Genaia or
Ms Lynette Maha.

Contact details will be listed on our side-board once they have been finalised so check every so often for that.  It will remain permanently there as a reference for all.

Once the supervisor's name has been released, we will also advise you.

(picture set above) Members of the Pepe's squad using the equipment

The equipment is already being used by the Pepe's as part of their training regime.  There are ten stations so a limited number of people can be accommodated in any one session.

Respect for others is paramount so please take all the expected paraphernalia with you, like small towels to wipe down sweat from the equipment, bring your own water and no chewing or smoking on the premises.

Gallery Update for last Sunday's Games Uploaded - 28 March 2010, (88 pics)

Hello faithful ones, 

We seem to have gotten things together a bit better worked out this week.  Your images from Sunday's games have been uploaded to an album for your enjoyment.

Next Sunday will be a day off so we'll be looking into our gallery library to see what goodies we can bring up for you to enjoy.  Perhaps images from the 2007 National Championships in Lae, or the Poreporena grand finals last year, perhaps even from last years POMNA grand final between Paramana and Telstars.......

Don't forget, Easter has some significant values that we should all be observing and is a very solemn, serious day in our Christian calendar.  Please take the time to appreciate them.

Monday, March 29, 2010

PSNA President Expresses Thanks

In a short telephone interview with Mrs Lynna Koneubau, President of the Public Servants Netball Association mid last week, Mrs Koneubau expressed satisfaction at the achievements of the association this season and was looking forward to starting the new season off in October this year with a bit more certainty and stronger unity among participating clubs/teams.  " I am confident in a much better organised competition next year and call on all members both individually and as teams to work collectively at improving the level of competition and better cooperation among member clubs in 2011.

She confirmed that trophies and awards for this year would be distributed on a Corporate Dinner and Presentation Night which she anticipates will be in late May/early June. The PSNA Executive is still working out the details but the event would be a joint 2009/2010 presentation night and cover last years unfortunate circumstances.

 (above) Mrs Lynna Koneubau
President - Public Servants netball Association

"My sincere thanks go the whole PSNA Executive and working committees, who were working under difficult circumstances to get through this season.  To Anne Dobin and her match committee and Vice President Mary Albaniel for her support this season."

With the success of this season, it is hoped that other teams would now consider joining the next season which starts in October 2010 reiterating that the current Executive was committed to rebuilding the PSNA to the days when there were 50 and 60 public service teams competing every Sarturday, where women in the public service could enjoy interacting, networking and keeping healthy in a environment of friendship and well being.  On behalf of my Executive, "I encourage other teams thinking of joining, to please orgnise yourselves and apply in September/October of this year"

Mrs Koneubau also extended another invitation to anyone interested in joining the group traveling to the Pan Pacific Masters Games in Australia this year to contact any of the PSNA executive for details.  A meeting will be held at the Sir Donald Cleland Pool after Easter, possibly on Saturday 10th April 2010.

Brian Bell Lose 3 In a Row - Looking at Sunday 28th March 2010

Brian Bell 1, clear leaders of the PCNC competition's premier division only three weeks ago, must be wondering what else they have to do to remove what seems like a hex on their team when they were crushed by a high flying Air Niugini side 28 - 15 in today's second last premier division game.

The lady retailers were a little shocked at the end of today's game because that now makes it three embarrassingly large losses in a row for a team that one month ago were looking top shelf material.  Captain/coach Carolyn Genaia looked like the soles of her shoes had burned through and was scratching for answers herself, but Brian Bell has a proven track record as an excellent netball team and needs only to shake from this patch of purple to be back in the driver's seat again.

 A great contest between Air Niugini and Brian Bell

Time, however, is Brian Bell's worst enemy because with the writing on the wall they know they must really get their act together quickly from here on if they are to have any chance of making the finals.

It was a painful welcome back for Emily Maha who had to miss several games attending to family commitments and was clearly frustrated when the simple things seemed so hard to get done.  To add salt to the wound each turn over was punished  by PX with a net at the other end.

Air Niugini on the other hand have hit excellent form and may be the team now to watch over the next four weeks.  Stand out players for PX include second half shooter, Stella Wakela and the defensive three.

IPA are the other team hitting form at the right time and today showed what they are capable of, finishing off their attack well every time they came near the hoop and spearheaded by a well organised and hungry attacking four, they were lethal against Fairdeal this afternoon.  By dispatching the competition front runner's, Fairdeal Liquor, this afternoon 25 - 16, IPA have also put their hand up as a real contender for this year's prize.  Captain/coach Julianne Maliaki was still not completely happy about some of the more basic aspects of their game and will be making it a priority for them to get it right at training, but you could feel a real buzz among the team members this afternoon.  They are in the right spirit and that in itself must account for something.  Fairdeal for their part must be wondering how their prospects look with two losses on the trot as well.

The timing and the size of this weeks loss has to be a concern for Fairdeal because it was also at about this time last year that the other teams started to reel them in after they lead the comp into round 2.  FDL are a good team and don't want to be in that situation again this year.

(above) IPA in maroon and gold trim controlled FDL well today

(above) Great defense by Westpac's Jenny Lakaro
was a feature of this game and they nearly grabbed a win from it.

In the final game of the afternoon Westpac very narrowly missed out on a draw.  The final score NSL 14 - 13.  NSL must be breathing a deep sigh of relief at full time as they seemed to struggle a bit in the dying stages of the game, lacking the intensity they showed when beating Fairdeal last week.  Westpac did muscle up this week and played a sound game especially in defense, with Keeper, Jenny Lakaro and Defender, Notau Leko putting in an exceptional effort

What it has been, is a crazy weekend and from the looks of things it's going to get crazier.

BSP had an easy 3-points bagged as Daltron never showed today.  Lets hope they get themselves sorted after Easter.  Instead, BSP had a friendly match with division 1's Fincorp who also had a forfeit win.  Although BSP played their players in positions they don't normally play in, Fincorp took the game as a good training run and beat the premier division defending champions in the process.

In other divisions, the grind continues as teams like Division 2's PNGFOC returned to their winning form beating a very determined BSP2, 26 - 19 and SMEC in division 7 held onto a well deserved draw with division leaders NPS 21 - 21.  A mightly effort considering NPS easily accounted for Pacific Foods last week.  Curiously, Lamana could not field a team today loosing by forfeit to Ray White Real Estate which will cause the ladder in division 7 to congest again at the top.

Other draws today include the game between Century 21 and ProClean in Div 8, 20 - 20.  From all accounts the lead changed almost a million times during the match on court 4 (just kidding), ending with an exhausting but satisfying draw for both teams.

In division 1, Fincorp had a free pass as East West Transport couldn't muster the numbers take the court, Datec freed up the air a little with their new uniforms to take out Airlines PNG, 24 - 12 and division leaders Veupunama took care of business against Pryde Furnitures, 28 - 8.

(above) There is no mistaking Datec now in their new uniforms.   
Today it was joy against Airlines PNG.

(above) Veupu's Kila Leana leads the attack

 (above) SP have their second win with this effort against Hastings

 (above) Able keeper Lahui Loi defends her net against
DataNets Anne Griffin.  This was Able's first win of the season

The story's we really enjoy telling is that of the underdog getting up to win and there are several that are worth of a mention today.  In division 2, SP Brewery who who couldn't have even paid for a win in round 1 celebrated their first win last week but then lo and behold, we see them putting together back to back wins this week by beating Hastings Deering, 18 nets to 14.  Must be something you drank girls, but whatever it is, keep drinking it because it's working.  Then in Division 6, Able Computing won their first ever game of the season when they beat 3rd placed DataNets 12 - 10.  It was the first time for the Blue and Red colours to be hoisted as winners and they loved every minute afterward.

A crazy weekend indeed.

Next weekend is Easter Sunday and there will not be any games played but immediately after that the competition will lift a gear and the five crucial games to the finals will be mustered.  It'll be interesting times no doubt and we'll be there to bring you the details every step of the way.  If you have a story we missed or would like to tell, please do not hesitate to shoot it through.  We'd love to see them and publish them for the world to enjoy.

Gallery images should posted Monday evening.  So keep a look out.

POMNA competition to start trials on 10th April, 2010.

The POMNA held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday afternoon at the Rita Flynn Courts.

All teams and interested parties attended and ratified the Presidents Report for 2009 tabled by incumbent Mrs Pole Kassman and the Financial Report for 2009 by Treasurer, Tui Alu.

Among other matters discussed and ratified were

             i)    The fee structures to be adopted for this years season proper
             ii)   ID's for players,
             iii)  Starting date of the season,
             1v)   New clubs being admitted this season,
             v)    Use and application of the Gym and facilities,
             vi)   Upgrading of facilities including the courts and the options available to POMNA,
             vii)  Overlapping of the PCNC competition and
             viii) Sponsorship for umpires this year.   

Once minuted we bring you the details of decisions taken.


What can be confirmed however, is that the trials for this year will commence on Saturday, April 10, 2010 for three weeks with the season proper commencing on 1st May 2010.  The season therefore will end mid September.  The National Championships will be held on the 1st week of October.

The other thing we can also confirm is that a sponsorship package for umpires for this season moving forward has been agreed and will be announced soon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So What's On Your Mind - PCNC Mid Season Meeting of Reps

Before last Sunday’s games, a meeting of representatives was convened at the Rita Flynn Courts to thrash out a number of issues affecting the competition.

Issues raised basically revolved around

1)  player eligibility,
2)  the quality of umpiring and
3)  the condition of the playing courts at Bisini.

The issues of eligibility are being addressed individually and the appropriate actions were being taken by the match committee and the Executive respectively.  The bottom line however was that a level of honesty was expected from all participating teams in ensuring that the players nominated are genuine employees, their spouses and/or their dependents and that as sponsors, the employers were also taking a responsible position on such matters.

(above and below) a good number or representatives turned
up for the meeting

One sobering point raised was the purpose for which the competition was first developed.  That the PCNC was a “social competition” and though it espoused good netball, it’s original concept was a means by which women of the private sector could socialize and enjoy the afternoon playing netball with workmates, family and friends.   There will always be a range of talent and skills which is already reflected in the structure of divisions in the competition, however the needs and interests of those who enter the competition simply as a social commitment and a means of  networking and consolidating friendships, must be respected as much as the interests of those that are driven by competition.

If the situation becomes untenable, the PCNC has a three member judiciary panel comprising the President of the PCNC, the President of the PNGNF and one of three nominated and independent female lawyers in Port Moresby to consider the legal aspects.

(above) Mrs Moka makes a point during last Sunday's meeting

The issue regarding the quality of umpires was and will continue to be a difficult one to address and was left as a work in progress, however where there are concerns regarding the quality of umpires, teams are urged to raise their concerns immediately before or after the game.   Janet Ravusiro, as Coordinator of Umpires already has a difficult task balancing the needs of the competition with the limited resources she has at her disposal.  So with approximately 40 games to manage each weekend, some understanding, cooperation and appreciation would be a welcome gesture, because without umpires, there can be no games.

Consideration was given to future clinics provided by the PNG Netball Federation with a suggestion that teams offer at least one name to attend the coaching and umpire clinics when they occur.

The final serious issue raised was the very poor condition of the courts being played on, especially the dirt (village) courts 5 – 9.  Though many suggestions were offered up, any action on the issue remained in the domain of the Port Moresby Netball Federation.  The PCNC Executive was however obliged to take the matter up with POMNA on behalf of its members.

For details please see your company rep that attended.

The PCNC Executive extended an invitation to those qualifying to travel with the PNG Masters teams to the Gold Coast this November to register their interests.  Teams will be broken up into age groups from “old bombs” to “wrecks”, (just joking).  

Age groups start from 35, so if you are interested, see Mrs Hitolo Moka or members of her committee.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

REMINDER NOTICE FOR POMNA AGM - Saturday 27th March 2010

This is a notice to all clubs participating in the Port Moresby Netball Association (POMNA) Competition.

AT 1:30 PM

From Mrs Pole Kassman
         President POMNA

Queries should be directed to either

         Mrs Pole Kassman on 321 1500 - email: pole.kassman@pg.pwc.com
or      Mrs Carolyn Genaia on 325 8066 -email: n/a

Welcome to Round 2 - PCNC Sunday 21 March 2010

As we all rudely realised, round 2 kicked off on Sunday with most teams and players still getting over the week off. 

"It seems like it's been a month" we could hear it being said as girls kitted up for their games and their condition reflected what they were saying.Some matches looked like they were being played in slow motion, but fear thee not, over the next few weeks the bug will will kick in and we'll see the fire burning in the belly once again.

But just as you get into some sort of rhythm, Easter comes along.  So guess what, next week we bet you'll all be wondering what to do with your selves in the morning after the Easter egg hunt with the kids is over.

Before the games started last Sunday, PCNC President Hitolo Moka called a meeting of representatives to discuss issues raised during the course of round 1, a story which we'll provide to you after the executive have approved a draft, but safe to say, the concerns are legitimate and do work to improve the competition without defeating the purpose and original concept of the competition.

So how was game 1 of round 2 across the board?  Very interesting would have to be the answer.  Crazy even in some instances.

If you were a betting person you wouldn't want to try and predict the outcome of the premier division games, which is now an absolute mixed bag.  You would have to be a really brave person to predict who will be there come finals time in seven weeks.

Even in division 7 there were interesting moments.  SMEC's 19 - 14 win against Air Niugini place them on even points as the airliner and if they keep up the form they are  in right now they may even have a chance for the final four.  Meanwhile NPS's big win over Paradise Foods in the same division will give them an edge over Lamana who are the current leaders and had a bye on Sunday.

(above and below) SMEC's new found form brought home a
good win against Air Niugini 2

Results in other divisions were just as jumbled all attributable to the week-off, so they tell us.  The biggest surprise was Fincorp who after a string of serious losses was able to grind out a one net win on Sunday against CPL1, 23 - 22.  So, Dominic, could this be the great Fincorp resurgence we've been mulling over.

The Datec ladies finally put their swish new sky blue uniforms on display and almost pulled off a win against division leaders Veupunama 1.  Veupu had to get into the spirit too, insisting on a photo opportunity before the game started.  Typical!

The bright colour seemed to work wonders with the Datec ladies lifting their game for spectators.  Veupu only managed to scoot away at the very end to beat the sky blue side by 16 - 11.  At least now we won't confuse them with CPL.

(above) Presenting Datec's new absolutely swish uniform

Talking about uniforms, there are some absolutely spectacular outfits on the courts recently, from the smart white tunics of Higher Arctic Energy to the rainbow effect of Exxon Mobil.  Paradise Foods bold white and red gear gives them a very polished look and for some reason, is an easy favourite of ours.

(above) Gordons International High School and 
(below) Mirupasi Lawyers in their uniforms

(above) Paradise Foods have a red and white uniform very pleasing
to the eye

Gordons International School and Mirupasi in Division 5 use a smart system of green floral and color bands which have a very neat, coordinated and comfortable look and work well when identifying the teams.  Then there are the striking standouts like Century 21, Second Time Around and Security Plus who's yellow and black combination are very difficult to distinguish at first glance.  They differ only in the skirts and even then you have to look twice.  It must be difficult if the teams are in the same division but as Margaret Sulia advises, where there is an issue, the use of bibs become obligatory.

We've heard on the grapevine that Coral Sea Hotels have a new set of uniforms on the way too so that should put another colour scheme into the mix very shortly.

While we're talking about Coral Sea Hotels, the netball gods much be smiling on them this week because they were able to produce a miracle win on Sunday,  beating MRL playing while with only 4 and a half players.  Four and a half because Endiopa Yama still has a crook knee and with two players not turning up, she had to play shooter without a goal attack or a wing attack. It was tough seeing her hobble through the motions at shooter, but as the game progressed and she got more confident, so did her accuracy. Believe it or not, Coral Sea won that game 13 - 5.

(above) Endiopa Yama worked some magic with her undermanned 
Coral Sea Hotels side near the hoop

A wayward child wonders onto court 4 in the middle 
of a Kina attack.  It was Kapu Ravu (Kina GS on the right) who
gently moved the child off the court

In another surprise divisional leaders in Division 2, PNGFOC were finally toppled from their perch at the hands of Kina 1 who were looking very sharp on Sunday, even when a wayward child walked on the court in the middle of an assault on the PNGFOC net, first half shooter Kapu Ravu still had the presence of mind to gently pickup the child and place her out of harms way and return to the fray to score a net.  Well done Kapu and well done Kina.

Kina 1 accounted for PNGFOC quite convincingly 21 - 14.

In the premier division, the wheels seem to have fallen off the Brian Bell cart when they faced off with Fairdeal Liquor for a second time in as many weeks.  It  is now back to back games that they have lost to Fairdeal and in the process have also lost the advantage they had as clear division leaders two weeks ago.  This is pretty big deal for Carolyn Genaia and the Brian Bell team and you can bet they'll be having a real good look at how poorly they are playing.

(above) Brian Bell centre, Phyliss Kala looks to unload a pass in mid court. 
Brian Bell seemed a little lost at the weekend, losing again to Fairdeal.

(above) Air Niugini's defence was the best we'd seen it this year

(above) Renagi Dringo and Vele Iamo in great form leading the BSP attack

Air Niugini have found form at the right time and were able to beat IPA in a very hard fought game in the last game of the day.  With that they have to be one of the division favourites and certainly look like they are enjoying their netball.  Westpac on the other hand has hit a real purple patch and has also suffered two big losses in as many games. Westpac just didn't have the money in the bank against BSP loosing 24- 10 to the green machine.  They are still well clear of Daltron who had moments of brilliance in their match against NSL, but the superannuation ladies have a very balanced team and once they found their rythm, they just ran over the IT retailers. 

In the other permier division game of the day, it looks like the home stretch march for BSP is on target so the next six weeks will really be interesting to watch

This weekends line up looks like another painful lesson is in store for Daltron as they battle with BSP but the real dust up we think will be in the PX v Brian Bell match at 2:45pm.  Both teams need the win, firstly to give Brian Bell back their confidence and for Air Niugini, it will make a statement about their finals chances.   It will be an interesting game.

(above) IPA looking very strong in premier division

Sparks should also fly in the Fairdeal v IPA game this weekend as IPA have lifted their game tempo quite high and just need to tweak the combinations to make their attack more fluid. This no doubt will convert to nets for them.  Fairdeal will give them a real run for their money and as division leaders Fairdeal will not be run down easily.  It will be a good test for Julianne Maliaki's attacking four.

Welcome to round 2 folks, looks like were in for quite a season of netball.

PCNC Gallery for 21 March Uploaded (175 images)

Things have been sorted so the PCNC album for last Sunday has now been uploaded.  We have 175 images for you to enjoy.

Thank you for your patience.

For the girls at SMEC, I hope it was our presence with the cameras that inspired your win over PX ........


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PCNC Gallery for 21 March 2010.

Sorry folks, there is an issue with the number of images we are uploading to the web.

We are currently sorting that out and hopefully have the album uploaded today once we have a clearance.

PCNC Scores and Draws

Scores for last Sunday's games as provided by PCNC Executive

Please check for accuracy and advise the match committee of any anomolies.

The Points ladder after last Sunday's games is as follows

And finally the draws for next weeks games are as follows.

Please note that there will not be any games played over the Easter long weekend - April 4th, 2010.  The draws for game 3 resumes as normal the week after.