National Championships


Once a year, netballers representing associations from all  over the country convene at one of 19 netball playing centres to compete against each other, exchange ideas and interests and socialise.  It is the only event on the PNG Netball Federation calendar that brings the country's netball community together and an occasion eagerly awaited each year by netballers across the country.

This year the National Championships will be held in the beautiful township of Madang, Madang Province.

The Championships also has a serious dimension as it serves as a forum for the executives of the various associations to meet and exchange views on issues confronting them, glean information on international regulations and conditions affecting the Federation and very importantly, to gauge consistency in the activities of member associations.

Every second year, it is this forum that elects its national office bearers who are the custodians of the PNG Netball Federation.

For almost a decade, Goodman Fielder International, through its brand "Flame Wholemeal Flour" and "Flame Energy", has sponsored the Championships with very little publicised about the wonderful work it does for netball in the country.

This year we hope to make a bit of a difference and if they maintain their association with the PNG Netball Federation, we intend to elevate the profile of Goodman Fielder and "Flame Flour" so our broader community of netballers can better appreciate their contribution to the development of the sport.

Once completed, it is hoped this page will go a long way to celebrate the National Championships, its concept, its achievements, its highlights, its issues and its future.

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