Friday, April 30, 2010

Pepe's to be named tomorrow - Friday 30th April 2010

Near the Hoop has been reliably told that an announcement of the Pepe's squad to the Pacific Netball Series will be made tomorrow.  Mojor Sponsor, Pacific MMI is understood to be providing the venue for the announcement.

The current training squad is understood to have been advised either yesterday or today ahead of the announcment.

As discussed previously, the balance of the train on squad will remain in training for the New South Wales State Championships to which PNG has been invited.

Good luck to all the young ladies.

Rexona Keep their Commitment.

Rexona joined the growing family of corporate PNG investing in the future of netball with a sponsorship package worth K10,000 to the technical officials tending to the POMNA competition.

The package which includes uniforms and equipment was agreed between the President of POMNA, Pole Kassman and the BNG Tradings Senior Marketing Representative, Andrew Runawery over the last few weeks and crystalised in today's presentation.

Presented at the Rita Flynn Courts at Bisini this afternoon, Mr Runawery expressed pleasure at the compatibile association between product and demographics for Rexona stating this was the tip of the iceberg in terms of BNG Tradings involvement with netball.  As the Unilever brands product specialists in PNG, BNG Trading has a long association with a variety of sporting codes and was happy now to also include netball as a potential host for other products and services.

Mrs Pole Kassman as president of POMNA thanked BNG Trading with the wonderful gesture saying it was an aspect that her association had been looking to address for a long time.  The technical personnel will now have a distinctive uniform to wear when performing their roles as match officials.  It was timely also as the season proper for 2010 commences this weekend.

The product brand, Rexona and BNG Trading will be clearly emblazoned on all the uniforms provided to the Association.  Uniforms will be provided to all qualified technical officials and will be required to be worn at all matches sanctioned by the Association.

The uniforms are produced in PNG and will include a navy blue and white polo shirt, skirts for those inclined to wear a skirt and shorts for those who prefer to wear shorts.

(above and below) presentation of the cheque to POMNA
Technical Officials Association by BNG Trading Marketing Rep
Andrew Runawery (at left of cheque)

(above) umpires from POMNA try out the new uniforms

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Draws for POMNA season opener - Saturday 1st May 2010

Draws for this weekends POMNA games

This will be game 1 of season 2010.  Good luck to all teams.

Draws for PCNC Round 2 Game 6

Draws for this weekends PCNC games

There are some real interesting match ups this weekend. Good luck all.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Scores for R2G5 - Sunday, 25 April 2010 - PCNC

Scores as provided by PCNC Match Committee/Executive for Sundays games - 25 April 2010.  It's come a bit early but hey that's why they're so efficient at the PCNC.

Scores - Sunday 25th April 2010

See you all some place near the hoop .........

BSP Keeps Ahead of the Pack

With the competition heading into the finals straight, the leader board for each of the divisions are now showing clearly who is likely to be in the final four come elimination time.

Premier division is still clustered after Sunday with BSP consistent enough to keep its claim on the prize healthy with a powerful display against FDL 23 - 8 and Air Niugini needing to really dig deep to hold off a much more composed NSL attack.  Though winning 25 - 19 the airliners were not convincing and will have to pick the pace up again to keep their chances certain.  NSL on the other hand looked to have resolved their earlier doldrums and were a much stronger side on Sunday, hustling well and forcing Air Niugini to work for their nets.  NSL were leading at the break so Air Niugini certainly up'd the anti in the second stanza to win but still something seemed to be missing from the PX attack.

The next few games will tell.

BSP and Air Niugini are now ranked 1 and 2 respectively and are clear of the pack on 31 and 30 points respectively but after them there are four teams on 24 points followed by Westpac on 23 points.  Daltron continues to show its disinterest having forfeited its last four game and are looking at relegation at season close.

Fairdeal Liquors for all the effort they gave in round 1 appear a spent force and do not look to be to much of a threat from here on but the contest between Brian Bell, IPA, Westpac and NSL are going tobe excellent encounters over the next few weeks.  FDL are still among the above group also with 24 points so they still can't be discounted, however their form of late does leave you wondering.

The Unofficial Ladder looks something like this

BSP                               31
Air Niugini                   30
FDL                               24
Brian Bell                     24
NSL                               24
IPA                                24
WPac                            23
Daltron                           9

Looks like it's going to be an awesome several weeks

In other stories to come we look at other divisions including the Aussie High Commission's  new uniforms and perhaps a record score racked up in division 6.........

Friday, April 23, 2010

Third and Final Trial Games for POMNA This Weekend

This weekend will see the final of three trial games for the Port Moresby Netball Association (POMNA).  Paramana, runners up in 2009 premier division enjoy a bye this weekend but no doubt the entire team will turn out to watch how the others fare tomorrow.

In other premier division games, Veupu take on the Rebels, Kapunarau go head to head with Snax Mermaids and the Sparrows joust with Esco Telstars.

Division 1 games will be just as tough this weekend with newcomer to the division, Treasury, taking on Kawaimini and Poinimo, also springing up a division, taking on Aroma Coast.  The games expected to raise the bar will be the game between Paramana 2 and Veupunama 2 and that between Esco Telstars and Snax Mermaids.

The U10's start early tomorrow, in fact as early as 8:30 tomorrow morning so the courts will show life fairly early in the peace.  Last weekend, the Pepe's selection trials caused huge disruptions to the games as everybody wanted to watch PNG's best players vying for a position on the national team.

This week should return to normal.

The season proper starts next week.

Keep it all together people and we'll be sure to see you somewhere near the hoop.

Three Pepe's Participate in Queens Baton Relay

It was supposed ot be four, but with the withdrawl of PNGNF President Emily Taule, only three netballers took part in today's Queens Baton Relay.

Beginning at Independence Hill, the Governor General, His Excellency Grand Chief Sir Paulius Matane, started the ball rolling with a photo session on the hill and then starting the first leg ot the relay.

It was beautiful morning today, a slight drizzle to keep the officials wondering but a cool musty one.  Excellent conditions for a leisurely run.

Mona-Lisa Leka took station 13 at the Stop and Shop tunnel taking here leg to the Department of Works headquarters and Raka Nope received the baton at Badili, a slight change to the already changed positions.  Lua Rikis the final netballer, managed her leg along the Koki Point section of Healley Parade.

Here are some of the images.

Last minute postional changes meant images could not be taken of Raka.

The baton is actually a facinating work of art with apparently soil from all parts of India incorporated into the body of the baton.  There are also led light panels cleverly seamed into the face of the batton which are very noticeable in the dark.  The image of Mona-Lisa entering the tunnel in Waigani shows this clearly.

The only sad thing was the turnout to wish our athletes well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Queen's Baton Relay Route - Friday, 23 April 2010

For those wanting to know the route the Queen's Baton Relay will take a layout of the route was published in the local newspapers today.  In the Post Courier it is a full page layout on page 17 and tomorrow the layout will be on page 22.

The route will be a huge circle from Independence Hill at about 9:00 am, into town via 2-mile hill then through Hohola via the freeway to finally complete its PNG journey at the Sir John Guise Stadium.  The whole event is expected to take approximately three hours.

According to organisers they are expecting approximately 70 - 76 runners from the various sports and political hierarchies to participate so it should be an interesting turn out tomorrow.  If you can't take the morning off, at least open the office window and show your support.

For Netball, Mona-Lisa Leka will start her leg outside the B-Mobile entrance and run toward 4-mile.  Raka Nope will start her leg at the Badili Interoil service station and Lua Rikis will receive the baton at Koki Point along Healley Parade.  Emily Taule, President of the PNGNF will run her leg at the Ela Beach where the SDA Church and will run with Graham Osborn for thier section toward town.

From there the baton is relayed through the main CBD along the Poreporena Freeway into Hohola and onto the Sir John Guise Stadium.

Be sure to get a copy of the Post Courier but if your not able to a copy of the route is provided for your reference.

Click on the map to enlarge and you'll find where our netballers will be required to run their relay leg.  Each is marked with a blue circle bordered with white and a blue arrow pointing to the spots.

The map is a scan excerpt of page 17 of today's post courier.

Draws for this weekends trials - POMNA

Draws for this Saturdays trials

Remember this is the final trial game for season 2010.  The competition proper starts next weekend 01 May 2010.

Welcome to season 2010............

Scores for 18th April and Draws for 25th April - PCNC

Scores for last Sunday, Draws for next Sunday and the revised competition ladders after game 4 of round 2.
Click on an image to enlarge and simply print for your requirements.

Scores for Sunday 18 April 2010

Draws for Sunday 25th April 2010

Revised Points Ladder per Division as at Game 4 round 2

As mentioned earlier, simply enlarge the images and print or save onto your system and then distribute as you erquire.

It's heading quickly toward the business end of the competition and it's getting more and more interesting.

See you all somewhere "near the hoop"